I , Bharath Sathuri , a Computer Science Enthusiast currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology in Hyderabad. I am a midway Web-Developer and a midway Android Developer with Interests in Blogging, Photography and in Sprinting.

I Strongly believe that Technology can change Everything.!!

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01 Jan 2019 . society . How to remove poverty from India? Comments

This is completely my opinion about how to reduce poverty in our country. In this I am going to describe about which i thought of almost 10 years before. At that time it might not be possible ,but

Today in this Digital World,Everything is possible. The Idea is to collect daily 1 rupee  per day from the people who have it (Middle -class and above ) and collect all that money on daily basis which goes up to 50 crores per day(India’s Total population is estimated to be 140 crores in 2020 )  and this money can...



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